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Power and clubhead speed
Home Assessment:


If you prefer to read, captions below each video.

This test is one of the strongest predictors of driving distance in the golf fitness literature. The average PGA pro vertical jump is 20-22” maxing out around 28”. While the average Long drive pro’s vertical jump tops out at 36+. 


How to perform:

1. Grab a "sticky note" 


 2. Reach up overhead with the sticky note standing next to a wall and place the sticky note as high as you can with feet flat on the floor. If you can hit your ceiling, go outside and use a pole or a tree.

3. Jump as high as you can and slap a 2nd sticky note on the wall. Measure the distance between the top of the sticky notes in inches.


This is your Vertical Jump! See how your lower body vertical power stacks up to golfers your age and gender in the chart below to see what your percentile is!

Use a 6LB Medicine ball

Tests your upper body push power, one of the most correlated and strongest predictors of driving distance in the golf fitness literature. 


How to Perform:

1) -Sit in a chair and ensure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground with your back  in contact with the chair the entire time. 


2) -Throw the ball as far as you can!


3) -Measure the distance from where the ball lands to your chest. That is your seated Chest Pass distance. 


Use the chart below to see how your upper body push power stacks up to golfers your age and gender to see what your percentile is!


Clubhead Speed Assessment

Ensure a proper warm up before attempting this test to prevent injury.

Once you have performed a dynamic warm up, I would suggest hitting 3 shots with wedges, 3 7 irons, and 3 hybrids or woods before driver.

Now that you are prepared to hit the big stick, take your driver and hit 3 driver swings at your cruiser fairway finder speed (NOT AS HARD AS YOU CAN SWING IT).

For assessing a true baseline, we want your playable clubhead speed. After all, we want useable speed and this will give us a clearer picture of your progress down the road. 


Take the Average of 3 fairway finder “cruiser” driver swings. This is your Clubhead Speed! Compare this to other golfers your age and gender in the chart below so see what your percentile is!

Take average of 3 driver swings for clubhead speed baseline using a launch monitor.




Clubhead norms.jpeg

Thank you for performing this Home Assessment and we look forward to you joining THE Golf MOVEMENT! Email me your results and I can't wait for you to get started in our user friendly app- Peak Fairway Fitness. Download Now! Link below!


Let’s drive your fitness and golf game to new peaks!


Best regards,


Dr. Robert Schneider PT, DPT, TPI 

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